Flashdance The Musical at the Palace Theatre, Manchester


Starring Strictly Come Dancing champion Joanne Clifton and A1’s Ben Adams, Flashdance the musical is the inspiring and unforgettable story of Alex a determined welder who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. When a romance complicates her ambitions, she harnesses it to drive her dream of attending Shipley Dance Academy.

Prepare to be blown away by an astonishing musical spectacle with phenomenal choreography to this iconic score including the smash hits Maniac, Gloria, I Love Rock & Roll and of course the sensational title track Flashdance… What a Feeling.

Sparks will fly and you’ll dance like you’ve never danced before!

Please note that Ben Adams will not be performing on Saturday 17th February.

Age guidance: 11+

Lindsay Harris and her daughter, Neve, went to review Flashdance for us on Monday 12th February 2018 at the Palace Theatre, Manchester. This is what they had to say about the fun musical in Manchester…

Mum’s Review…

Well I’ve been looking forward to this one since I heard it was coming to Manchester. As a child of the 80’s, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched the film and ‘What a feeling’ is my karaoke classic. My main worry about seeing Flashdance was that I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut and I’d start singing along far too loudly and clear the auditorium.

I read in the programme, before we went in, that movie writer Tom Hedley wanted to write a stage show that ‘was not slavish to the movie but that didn’t lose the movie’ and I was a little worried they’d change it too much but I think they managed to pull it off brilliantly. I’d describe it as an ‘extended’ version of the movie. It gave the characters more back story and the story more life. It worked well. Particularly I thought in the case of ‘Glori, Gloriaaaa’ whos naïve, sweet character was played beautifully by the amazing Holly-Ann Lowe.

I don’t watch Strictly as rule but knew who Joanne Clifton was and honestly was blown away by her performance she literally was ‘dancing like she’d never danced before’. It was stunning to watch her routines and she clearly put everything into it, she must’ve been exhausted by the end. And for those wondering if she can sing or not I can answer that question with a resounding yes. She was brilliant all round.

Ben Adams more pop style voice was perfect for this role and honestly what a voice. He was in fine tune and played the role of Nick Hurley perfectly. The two of them pulled of the Alex and Nick relationship believably and with chemistry.

The set was very active moving quickly from, the steel works, to the clubs to apartments. It worked well and stuck to the industrial backdrop of steel city.

The soundtrack that we know and love from the movie was present with classics such as ‘What a feeling’, ‘maniac’ and the show stopper ‘I love Rock and Roll’ which I have to say was the highlight of the show for me, well done Demmileigh Foster for that one! There were several original songs that I hadn’t heard before the show but they slotted in with the 80’s set perfectly and I’m sure I’ll be singing along to them for years to come aswell. Neve had the soundtrack on in the car on the way home before we had even left the car park.

The entire cast was energetic and amazing, the dancing was truly a sight to behold and any dance fan would be mad to miss seeing it.

I have one criticism and this is from a die-hard Flashdance fan. I can’t understand why the audition scene was changed from that of the movie. It starts off the same and then the other dancers appear and join in. It was a great scene and the cast were perfect in it but I’d have liked to have seen it somewhere else. I can’t understand why the writers would mess with one if the most iconic movie scenes of the 80’s or maybe ever.

I finally got to have a sing along at the end when the cast came back out on stage and the audience all got on their feet to sing and dance along.

If like me you’re a fan of the movie, the 80’s, dance and the soundtrack then you’ll love this show. If you’re a fan of Strictly, you’ll love it and if you’ve never seen it before, you’re not sure if you’ll like it or not but you want to have a brilliant fun night then you’ll love it!

I’m giving it 8 out of 10! And I’m still singing ‘Glori, Gloriaaaaa’ this morning.

Score 8/10 ****

Lindsay Harris (Mum) Trusty Reviewer from Ramsbottom, Lancashire

Daughter’s Review…

Flashdance is an amazing show that will undoubtedly get you singing and dancing in your seats all the way through.

The characters are likeable and well thought-out, the sets are stunning, the cast are fantastic, the songs are unbelievably catchy and the dancing is impeccable and amazing to watch.

If you are into dancing you’ll definitely want to go and see this. The main character Alex is one of the professional dancers from Strictly so I’m sure Strictly fans will want to see her.

I particularly liked Alex because she was a bit of a tomboy like me and worked hard to follow her dreams. She was an amazing dancer.

My favorite bit in the show was the song ‘I love Rock and Roll. The dancing was amazing and I really liked the song. It was a brilliant scene that made everyone want to get up and dance but we had to wait until the end.

I did know some of the songs beforehand as my mum listens to them but they were all really catchy and we put them on in the car on the way home.

Personally, I have never watched the film so I didn’t know what it was like and singing and dancing isn’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I still loved it.

Score 8/10 *****

Neve Harris (Daughter) Trusty Reviewer from Ramsbottom, Lancashire

Mother’s Score – 8/10
Daughter’s Score – 8/10

Total Score – 16/20 ****

Flashdance is on in Manchester until February 17th 2018. You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link below:


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