The Rat Pack – Live from Las Vegas at the Opera House, Manchester

The Pack is back and this time, they are bringing Ella Fitzgerald!

The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas sends you back in time to the glamorous, golden era of 1950s Las Vegas, when Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior and Dean Martin joined forces and become the hottest ticket in town at the famous Sands Hotel.

Join us in reimagining a night at the Sands with Frank, Sammy and Dean plus very special guest Ella Fitzgerald, the sensational Burelli Sisters and a stunning big band.

Hit follows hit including pack favourites The Lady is a Tramp, Mr Bojangles, That’s Amore, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, What Kind of Fool Am I, Volare, My Way, Everybody Loves Somebody, Night and Day, S’Wonderful, Mack The Knife and many more.

If you wish you’d swung with the hardest partying pack in town, now’s your chance!

Sue Warren and her husband, Les, went to review The Rat Pack for us on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at the Opera House, Manchester. This is what they had to say about the tribute show…

The lady’s point of view…

Having spent many years listening to my husband humming and singing these tunes around the house and spending years listening to them played on vinyl, I did wonder if I was going to hear the voices I was used to hearing or bad imitations of them.

I was really impressed with Dean Martin, played by Nigel Casey, he was quite realistic and at points he sounded pretty close to Dean himself. He clearly has a good voice.  Frank Sinatra, played by Garrett Phillips, was a successful portrayal too. However, I didn’t think that David Hayes got his Sammy Davis Junior impersonation quite right though. He was the weakest link in this show, Sammy was a great dancer and David Hayes struggled with a small routine. It may have been helpful for him to have had a few more dancing lessons!

Having seen lots of shows and musicals the set was a little disappointing. It was really basic and as this was supposed to be set in Las Vegas as the title says then this set was not what I was expecting from a Las Vegas show. It was some wooden steps and that was about it really.

The backing singers had lovely voices and did a great job, they were what you would expect from backing singers and they put in a good show.

Nicola Emmanuel, who played Ella Fitzgerald had a fabulous voice and it was a lovely to hear from a female too – not just the Rat Pack guys.

Some of the humour from the show was a bit dated and slightly cringe worthy. However, on the whole most of the jokes and chat between songs raised a chuckle, even if I didn’t always get the Americanisms.

This was not the glitz and glam I was expecting from a ’Las Vegas’ show but most of the performances were very enjoyable and it was a lovely evening of reminiscing.

Score 7/10 ****

Sue Warren (Wife) Trusted Reviewer from Radcliffe, Lancashire

The gentleman’s point of view…

I am not a theatre goer at all, in fact I often actively seek to not go to see musicals but this music is my music. These are the voices I have listened to over the years and I know all the melodies and words, humming along in my head whilst pottering around the house. So I was hoping to hear these smooth as velvet tones but wasn’t sure what to expect.

Well, I really enjoyed the show and wasn’t disappointed with the choice of songs. All the titles that I expected to hear were there. Mr Bojangles, New York, New York, Night and Day, Mac the Knife and lots more. There were 30 songs in total and they were mostly delivered well.

A good band accompanied the singers and put in a great show.  At times I closed my eyes to listen and there were moments for Dean Martin, played by Nigel Casey,  and Frank Sinatra, played by Garrett Phillips,  where they sounded pretty pitch perfect – as if I was listening to the real thing (well not quite-but a very good effort).

It was a shame that David Hayes wasn’t as successful in his portrayal of Sammy Davis Junior as the other two singers were. His vocals weren’t as realistic and he definitely could not move like Sammy did.

As I don’t go to the theatre much I wasn’t really expecting anything from the stage setting, this did seem a bit basic but I didn’t really mind as I was more interested in listening to the music.

They ended the show, in my opinion, with the only song they could have done ‘I did it my way’ – it was a solid performance and  achieved a standing ovation for Garrett Phillips.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the show and if you like this music and the Rat Pack boys, and can cope with Sammy Davis Junior not being quite right then you’ll have a good night.

Score 8/10 ****

Les Warren (Husband) Trusted Reviewer from Radcliffe, Lancashire

Lady’s Score – 7/10
Gent’s Score – 8/10

Total Score – 15/20 ****

The Rat Pack is on in Manchester until February 24th 2018. You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link below:



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