The Importance of Being Earnest at the Opera House, Manchester

The Importance of Being Earnest by the master of comedy Oscar Wilde, makes a welcome visit to Manchester society in this wonderfully witty, deliciously decadent and classic revival from The Original Theatre Company.

Jack wishes to marry Algernon’s cousin the beautiful Gwendolen but first he must convince her mother, the fearsome Lady Bracknell, of the respectability of his parents and his past. For Jack, however, this is not as easy as it sounds, having started life abandoned in a handbag at Victoria station. Prepare to take a welcome turn with Wilde’s much-loved Algernon, Earnest, Gwendolen and Cecily, as town and country clash in a brilliant and wildly funny story of romance, identity, perambulators and capacious handbags.

Charmaine Collison and her husband, Roger, went to review The Importance of Being Earnest for us on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at the Opera House, Manchester. This is what they had to say about the Oscar Wilde drama…

The lady’s point of view…

A wonderful evening’s entertainment at the Manchester Opera House watching The Importance of Being Earnest. It would be hard to pick out one cast member for particular praise as every single one of them did an excellent job but Gwen Taylor’s Lady Bracknell was spot on exactly as one would imagine her and Kerry Ellis showed she is not just a musical theatre star. The first act did an excellent job of setting the scene and by the second and third act the audience were loving every minute. Three sets in 3 acts with 2 intervals but the breaks were at appropriate times in the story so the extra interval was no problem. A truly enjoyable evening highly recommended.

Score 10/10 *****

Charmaine Collison (Wife) Trusted Reviewer from Manchester

The gentleman’s point of view…

The acting was brilliant and the presentation was spot on. Although I was a little apprehensive about seeing the production, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Score 10/10 *****

Roger (Husband) Trusted Reviewer from Manchester

Lady’s Score – 10/10
Gentleman’s Score – 10/10

Total Score – 20/20 *****

The Importance of Being Earnest is on in Manchester until March 17th 2018. You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link below:




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