Miss Saigon at the Palace Theatre, Manchester


In the last days of the Vietnam War, 17 year-old Kim is forced to work in a Saigon bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and falls in love with an American GI named Chris but they are torn apart by the fall of Saigon. For 3 years Kim goes on an epic journey of survival to find her way back to Chris, who has no idea he’s fathered a son.

Lindsay Harris and her daughter, Neve, went to review Miss Saigon for us on Friday 23rd March 2018 at the Palace Theatre, Manchester. This is what they had to say about this must-see musical in Manchester…

Mum’s Review…

Warning – gushing review ahead! I don’t know where to start with this it was stunning from start to finish.

I’ve wanted to see Miss Saigon from being about 12 years old so I was ridiculously excited to be seeing it but also worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. It did and more!

The opening number was big, bold and bikini laden! Just a little warning here that due to the nature of the story and setting it’s definitely aimed at an older audience, particularly the scenes in Dreamland There was so much going on during this first number that I didn’t know where to look, it was very well staged and I was definitely hooked already.

There were so many big unforgettable scenes that there are too many to list but a few that particularly stood out for me were, The Morning of the Dragon in which the choreography stole the scene, The Bui Doi which was emotional and heart wrenching, the singing in this scene was beyond words. And Kims nightmare which covered a flashback to the evacuating Saigon scene. The helicopter ‘flying’ in as the locals fought to get away was quite something.

Sooha Kim as Kim was a perfect casting she has the most beautiful voice and captured the innocence, strength and hope of Kim and you feel every moment of pain for her. She certainly reduced more than just me to tears.

Red Concepcion as The Engineer certainly stole a lot of the scenes, funny, selfish and mean but somehow likeable Concepcion added the lighter humor to the show whilst bringing it all together.

Ryan O’ Gorman stood out as he was able to show the personal journey John had been on and his singing was what made the aforementioned Bui Doi such a favourite.

The entire cast was faultless the ensemble didn’t put a foot wrong and each scene and number was played to perfection, involving the audience in the chaos of Saigon and Bangkok.

I can’t not mention Tam who stole every scene he was in simply by looking so cute and a bit lost. There was an audible ‘aww’ every time he appeared.

Boubill & Schonbergs music and lyrics and the huge Cameron Mackintosh production are as expected a sight to behold. And Miss Saigon is a big, bold and beautiful production that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. I guarantee you will not want to miss it. As ever I like to listen to other audience members as I leave and everybody, it seemed, was in as much awe as me and as emotional. I would definitely go back and see it again and again. Please go and see it you will not be disappointed.

I give it a 10 out of 10 and more if I could.

Score 10/10 *****

Lindsay Harris (Mum) Trusted Reviewer from Ramsbottom, Lancashire

Daughter’s Review…

Miss Saigon is a heartbreaking spectacular production with amazing sets with so much detail and a fabulous cast. The songs were amazing and from the first line to the last everyone in the audience was intrigued.

Each scene was memorable including my favorite three, Bui doi (sung by Ryan O’Gorman and company), the morning of the dragon sung by Red Concepcion, and Kim’s nightmare sung by Gerald Santos, Sooha Kim, Ashley Gilmore, Ryan O’Gorman and company.

Although the main character Kim played by Sooha Kim was absolutely amazing, The engineer played by Red Concepcion completely stole the show singing in 9 songs and making us all laugh a lot, and Chris played by Ashley Gilmore took us along on his journey with him.

Although the play was clearly created for an older audience, I still loved it and it was by far my favorite show I have seen.

Score 10/10 *****

Neve Harris (Daughter) Trusted Reviewer from Ramsbottom, Lancashire

Mother’s Score – 10/10
Daughter’s Score – 10/10

Total Score – 20/20 *****

Miss Saigon is on in Manchester until May 12th 2018. You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link below:


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